How to Create Your Reading Corner at Home

We lead a stressful life full of to-dos and obligations, which is not new, and we also have already accepted the fact, that being busy is quite normal.

Our whole day is busy with an endless list of works and created a state of permanent stress and anxiety.

That’s the reason we need to have dedicated time to do the things we like the most.

And if you like reading just like me, you are in the right place because today in House Critique, I will explain how to create a reading corner at home in this article and make sure you like it.

Firstly let’s learn about the dutch word ‘Niksen‘, which means the art of doing nothing, aims to make us disconnect and relax our mind to find a physical and emotional balance or, in short, be happier.

In our home, we can put this trend into practice, take maximum care of the spaces, and create the ideal environment to find our moment of calm.

And precisely, a reading corner at home is emerging as a perfect option to carry it out.

Reading Corner at Home

Reading Corner at Home What space to choose

If we follow the Niksen theory to create a corner for reading, Later we will also show you some great examples of the reading nooks to choose from or get ideas from them.

A place just for you

place just for you

Find an area of ​​the house that is quiet, has beautiful views to the outside, or where you simply feel comfortable.

Light some candles and put on some relaxing music, because this is your moment.

Not just any furniture

A comfortable chaise longue, sofa, or armchair in a soft color will be perfect for practicing the niksen technique.

It must be a soft and comfortable seat to be able to relax and let our minds flow. Keeping your feet up with a footrest is a plus in comfort.

A minimalist space

Our reading corner should not be saturated with decoration, but rather the opposite. It is essential to maintain order and have storage space to collect and out of sight.

We can opt for a shelf with drawers with enough space to house our favorite books, store other objects, and leave the space clear.

reading corner

Key elements for your reading corner

Colors and materials influence

Choose plain fabrics or with soft prints, warm tones that convey calm: neutrals, greys, sand, white … or any other color that makes you feel good.

Use nice fabrics that give you warmth. Wood and natural fibers also induce tranquillity.

There is a lot of idea about colors available online, but you should consider the best one of your choice.

But while choosing, always consider a soft and warm color. That will always set a mood for reading.

L to lighting is everything

Warm lights with dimmer control, a pendant lamp, or double-lit sconces are perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere.


Introduce a good dose of greenery. Plants tend to have relaxing properties, reduce anxiety levels, and clear the mind.

Place a kentia in a corner or small pots of your favorite plant. What it is about is that you create an environment that produces calm and personal well-being.

We only have to take a good book and throw it on our favorite blanket with all these tips. Soon we will begin to notice all the benefits that these relaxing minutes a day bring us.

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