How to Clean a Doormat at Home

Do you want to clean your doormat like the new one?

If you have bought your doormat that welcomes your friends and family to your home a long time ago, and you notice that it no longer does the job it should do. Attention! In today’s article, we will talk about how to clean a doormat at home without spending any money at home.

The doormat in our home has become one of those utensils that have become more decorative than practical. It is the first thing we look at when we go to a house: Is there any doormat? Does it have any message? What does it convey to us? or if it’s clean not? Therefore, we must not forget to clean the doormat in the house.

How to Clean a Doormat in Home

The malleability and roughness they adopt are essential for daily use on landings and hallways. However, if its fibers are not properly maintained, the material can lose its physical properties and become an additional burden of dirt for our homes.

How to Clean a Doormat at Home

Therefore, we offer you below several simple ways to clean the doormat in your house

  • First of all, you must remove any particles of dust or dirt that have been trapped in the hair of the mat. To do this, just shake it or tap it against a wall. Once you have it clean, let it air out for a few minutes in the sun.
  • The most practical way is with a vacuum cleaner. It should be vacuumed once a week to keep it perfect. But we don’t always have a vacuum cleaner at home, so we offer you more ways to clean the mat.
  • One method that works very well is to use ammonia and a brush to scrub and clean the mat. Where ammonia is also present, would be a mixture of ammonia and salt that we will have to prepare in a plastic container, and we will use a brush to rub the mixture again.
  • Make a saltwater solution. With the help of a sprayer, deposit the mixture on each filament of the mat. With this process, we will soften each of its fibers and, in this way, it will be much easier for us to carry out the next step.
  • The third option that we propose is more traditional. First, you will need to shake the mat to get as much dirt off it as possible. Next, we will make a mixture of hot water, dishwasher detergent and add a little ammonia. As in the previous example, we will brush again and wait for it to dry before stepping on it.
  • Next, use a long, stiff bristle brush to remove any dirt from the mat. Repeat this action as many times as necessary until there are no visible traces of dirt. You can apply the solution of water and salt to the product as many times as necessary.
  • Finally, rinse with plenty of water and let it air dry. We advise you to leave the mat in a straight position to prevent it from deforming during drying.
  • A more original option to clean the mat is to use coffee grounds and scrub with a brush. Afterward, you will have to sweep the floor so that it is shiny.

Do not hesitate to apply any of the methods that we have recommended, and do not resort to using the washing machine, since it tends to fall apart inside.

Keep in mind that the doormat is an aesthetic element and the place where we clean our shoes before entering the house; therefore, it is a source for bacteria and dirt. For this reason, it is advisable to dedicate a moment a week to clean it as well as possible.

Clean a Doormat

Tips for maintaining the best doormats

In addition to the step by step to keep your coconut fiber mat clean, we venture to leave you some tips and tricks for its maintenance over time:

  • If the stains on your doormat are greasy and no traces of dust, dirt, and/or mud, use a common degreaser and rub the material vigorously before rinsing with water.
  • Allow the meat to dry completely before using it again. If you don’t do it and have it located in a shady or humid area, fungus or mold may appear, and you will have to get rid of it.
  • Its maintenance is constant, so we recommend that you sprinkle your carpet daily and do a deeper cleaning once a week.

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