Five Best Outdoor Doormat for Sand in 2022

Sand is one of the most annoying things to clean up after a fun day at the beach. It gets into everything, and it’s hard to get rid of. If you’re looking for a way to make sand less of an issue, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best outdoor doormat options that will help you keep your home clear from those pesky grains!

Expert’s Choice!

Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

  • Designed to trap sand, dirt, and water
  • 100% Natural rubber
  • Heavy-Duty design

Doormats are typically used indoors and outdoors. But, some doormats can only be used inside the house because they attract too much dirt. So, if you want to use a doormat outside your home or office, you need one made of durable materials and has anti-slip properties in case it rains or snows.

5 Best Outdoor Doormat for Sand in 2022

  1. Gorilla Grip Original Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat
  2. GRIP MASTER Durable Tough Natural Rubber Doormats
  3. SlipToGrip Universal Door Mat
  4. Durable Corporation Outdoor Entrance Mat
  5. GrassWorx Dirt Trapper Doormat

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

Do you have a problem with dirt and mud that gets tracked into your home from the outside? Are you tired of having to clean up after muddy shoes, pets, or kids?

The Gorilla Grip door mat is designed to trap dirt, water, and other unwanted debris, so it doesn’t make its way inside. This durable rubber doormat helps protect floors in high traffic areas while adding an elegant touch to any entryway.

This Door Mat is made of 100% natural rubber, making it durable and long-lasting. It also absorbs moisture and dirt, so your floors stay clean. Plus, it’s easy to clean! All you need is a vacuum cleaner or broom. For deeper cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, or use a garden hose to rinse the mat outdoors. Allow the mat to air dry before next use fully; do not bleach this product!

This doormat offers versatility in its heavy-duty design while still soft and flexible enough for low clearance doors or entryways. It measures 29 by 17 inches with a .25 inch slim profile perfect for any home entranceway! Shop now on our website today!

GRIP MASTER Durable Tough Natural Rubber Doormats

GRIP MASTER Durable Tough Natural Rubber Doormats

The right mat for your home, office, or business. This heavy-duty natural rubber doormat is constructed of 100 percent high-quality natural rubber. It features thick bristles on the topside that easily scrape dirt and debris from shoes to prevent them from getting indoors.

The soft underside of this durable mat is gentle on bare feet while still being tough enough to trap dirt and moisture.

Easy to Clean: simply vacuum, sweep with a broom, or shake off outdoors or over your garbage bin; for a deeper clean, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, or use a garden hose to rinse the mat outdoors; allow the mat to air dry before subsequent usefully; do not use bleach.

SlipToGrip Universal Door Mat

SlipToGrip is the perfect solution to keep your house clean and tidy. This doormat is made up of a poly mesh material that will easily capture dirt and debris from the outside.

It can be used both inside or outside the home. The SlipToGrip Door Mat can be washed in a washing machine for easy cleaning. It is also moisture resistant, non-slippery, waterproof, and very comfortable walking barefoot or with shoes.

It is made of Polypropylene fiber (soft rubber material), and it has a unique, memorable design that makes this doormat capture dirt despite using it for hours. This mat measures 42″x35″ and only needs 1/4 inch of door clearance, making it easy to use. It can be used in any room in your home or office as an entrance rug carpet.

The mat will remain to look new even after heavy use, thanks to its high-quality construction. You can easily wash off the dirt from this mat.

Best Outdoor Doormat for Sand

Durable Corporation Outdoor Entrance Mat

Durable Corporation Outdoor Entrance Mat

Durable Corporation’s outdoor entrance mat is made from recycled tires and provides a soft, carpet-like feel to your home or business. Carpet-like weave and open mesh construction absorb moisture and trap dirt from the foot.  The heavy-duty doormat absorbs moisture and traps dirt from the foot, making it ideal for use outside the front door of your home or office.
The doormat’s strict nap resists wear and retains its soft texture even in high-traffic locations.

This mat looks sharp, and The texture is not what you would expect from a recycled product, but rather sleek and smooth to touch. It’s even accessible on your feet with one side that has coarser rubbery material making for traction when stepping off wet shoes or boots before entering my home!

GrassWorx Dirt Trapper Doormat

GrassWorx Dirt Trapper Doormat

GrassWorx Dirt Trapper Doormat by GrassWorx is a triple-action doormat that scrapes shoes and boots, traps dirt, and holds up to 1 pound of dirt per week below the surface for mess-free flooring. This multi-purpose mat can be used outside all home and business doorways as a welcome mat, back door mat, side doormat, patio mat, garage mat, or shop mat.

It’s also great for use in office buildings as a lobby mat or office chair carpet protector. GrassWorx Dirt Trapper Doormat is made of genuine AstroTurf and features a patented design.

This outdoor doormat is fade, mold, and mildew-resistant; Simply shake your outdoor doormats for the entryway to dispose of dirt or rinse with a garden hose. GrassWorx indoor mats are the ideal solution for high traffic areas, including front door, garage door, mudroom entrance, laundry room floor mat, kitchen sink area mat, or pet area rug.

How to choose an outdoor doormat for sand and what to consider before buying one?

To make the right purchase decision, it is necessary to consider these aspects before buying a doormat.

To ensure you buy something that will last and look good in your house for many years, take time when choosing.


It is advisable to buy a doormat large enough to cover the majority of your entryway so that you can clean up any dirt on your shoes before entering.


A variety of mat shapes are available at this store. You can choose from square, round or rectangular mats made out of a durable rubber material that provides comfort and traction to any surface on which they rest. Some models have fun designs, such as animals like fishes in aquariums with bubbles floating up through the water.


Think of all the different types of fabrics that you might come across in your day-to-day life. There are natural fibers and synthetic ones, with many characteristics to differentiate them from one another. Natural fibers have a rugged texture which makes them perfect for scrubbing off dirt while avoiding any damage to an item’s surface; on the other hand, a fabric made out of polyester or nylon is more delicate – better suited for decorations; than tough cleaning chores!

Natural textiles provide advantages over synthetics when it comes time to do some heavy-duty work around your house–they’re strong enough not just clean but also scrub away stubborn stains, so they don’t plague whatever object needs attention next! Of course, this does mean that there are downsides.

Indoor or outdoor

An indoor mat should have a high aesthetic component, and be pleased if you step on it barefoot. The clearest example is the shower mat. Instead, outdoors, it must be more resistant and robust.


It will depend on your tastes. There are funny and beautiful doormats with drawings, inspirational phrases that welcome visitors …


The best mats on the market can last up to 10 years without deteriorating. In fact, natural fiber ones are exceptionally durable. You only need to clean them once a week and never let them dry in the sun.

What is a doormat?

A doormat is a welcome mat that sits in the doorway of your home. It can be made from different materials such as nylon, coconut fiber, or palm tree stems, which are solid and resistant to water. Its only purpose is to allow those who want to enter into not making their shoes dirty by staining the floor inside.

Types of doormats

We can distinguish two types of doormats depending on the place for which they are designed :

  1. Outdoor doormats. The traditional and, at the same time, the most original. They are placed at the entrance door and are rectangular in shape. They often incorporate messages like ‘welcome home.’
  2. Doormats for the interior. They are decorative mats that prevent us from touching the floor with wet feet when we get out of the shower. They are made of softer materials that are pleasant to the touch.

It is also possible to differentiate between mats according to the materials used for their manufacture :

  • Natural fiber doormats. They are recommended for the entrance of the house. In turn, we can distinguish between:

– Coconut doormats. The most economical. It is a totally ecological and biodegradable material with a long useful life. Its rough touch cleans the soles of footwear effectively.

– Palm stem mats. Similar to the previous ones, but with more minor roughness and with a more braided aesthetic. In fact, it enables less rectangular and more oval designs.

– Rubber mats. They are recommended for cleaning mud-stained shoes due to their incredible ability to absorb moisture.

  • Synthetic fiber doormats. More suitable for indoors. There are these varieties:

– Rubber mats. They are suitable for the bathroom, swimming pools, and other places where there is high humidity. They adhere perfectly to the floor but do not remove too much dirt.

– Metallic doormats. They are not frequent in homes, but they are in agricultural warehouses and industrial factories. They offer extraordinary hardness. Therefore, they should not be used with a designer or sports footwear.

– Polyester fiber mats. They simulate the aesthetics of coconut or palm tree mats but are available in a broader variety of colors.

– Nylon mats. They stand out for their excellent touch, so they are also suitable for interiors.

Where in the home can I use them?

The best home mats adapt perfectly to a multitude of spaces:

Doormats for the entrance door. The most valuable and frequent. They allow us to clean our shoes before entering the home when we have gone out.

– Doormats for bathroom. After cleaning ourselves, they are placed in front of the bathtub or shower tray not to wet the floor with our feet.

There is a type of doormat for each room in your house. Choose the one that best suits your style.

– Doormats for the terrace. Its usefulness is that we do not stain the house’s interior with dust and dirt accumulated in this outdoor area. They can be located outside or inside, depending on the case.

– Doormats for the room. They have a decorative function. In fact, they usually have phrases, drawings, and other elements of color.

Why should you buy a doormat?

If you buy the recommended doormat for your home, you can enjoy all these benefits :

– You will prevent the floor of your house from staining with dirt from outside and, therefore, you will live in a much more hygienic environment.

– You will effectively retain the dirt accumulated on the sole of your shoes without deteriorating it.

– You will have to sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor of your house less.

– They do not require installation of any kind.

– They require little maintenance and are very easy to clean.

– Decorative mats, in addition to being practical and functional, are perfect for delimiting spaces.

– There are for all likes. There are even custom doormats to which you can add drawings, colors, and phrases that you find inspiring.

There are also mats with acoustic insulation properties that can preserve your privacy from your building neighbors’ activity.

Are doormats a decorative element?

Doormats are not just textile elements to catch dirt from footwear. They can be used to delimit spaces in loft-style homes and give a touch of harmony or chromatic contrast to the home entrance or any room. For example, you just have to imagine putting a mat for the entrance to match the door’s color or a bathroom mat the same color as the tiles.

Besides, they are ideal for personalizing spaces. You just have to think of the doormats with phrases that you come across when you arrive at your friends and family’s house, which makes you feel you will enter a cozy place. This is also very useful in the children’s bedroom.


In conclusion, the best outdoor doormat for sand is the one that provides a safe and clean entrance to your home. The rug should be large enough to prevent any residual dirt or water from getting tracked inside, as well as be durable so it can withstand all of those foot traffic entrances without deteriorating.

With these criteria in mind, we recommend either our top pick – Gorilla Grip Original Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat – or runner-up GRIP MASTER Durable Tough Natural Rubber Doormats.

Both offer excellent value for money and will keep you happy during this current hot season! Which one will you choose? Comment below with what you think!